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EcotestVIP personal radioactivity detector. «QUICK START» guide

Buttons THRESHOLD and MODE are used to operate the detector

Switching on. Press shortly the MODE button to switch the detector on. Your device will automatically start measuring gamma radiation.

Switching off. Press and hold the MODE button, until the display goes black, to switch the detector off.


Radiation measurement

The mode of gamma radiation measurement is supported by «µSv\h» measurement units on the display and short sound signals after each detected gamma quantum. The more frequent the signals are, the higher is the level of radiation.

Place your detector in parallel to the object to be monitored. The digits on the screen will keep blinking till the end of the measurement process. This means that the result is not final but rough.

buy dosimeterThe digits will stop blinking in about a minute after the measurement start and the result will become final. The more intense the radiation is, the quicker you get a reliable result.

Note. If you need to quickly evaluate the level of gamma background, measurement process can be stopped forcibly. To do this, change the object of measurement and press shortly the THRESHOLD button. This way you can roughly evaluate gamma background level of every new object within 10 seconds.


How to turn a sound signal of gamma quanta detection on and off?

In order to turn the gamma quanta signal off enter the mode of alarm thresholds programming by pressing and holding the THRESHOLD button till the moment a blinking digit appears on the screen. Press the MODE button three times and a sound symbol “)))” will start blinking on the screen at that.

vipgiftPress shortly the THRESHOLD button to turn it off. If you press shortly MODE again, the settings will be saved.

To turn on the signal enter the mode of alarm thresholds programming again and use the THRESHOLD button to turn on the signal on the screen.

Press shortly the MODE button to save the settings. As soon as the display blinks four times all settings will be fixed.


Accumulated gamma dose

ecotest dosimeterPress shortly the MODE button to see the value of radiation dose accumulated since the moment of switching on the detector. The “mSv” measurement units, which appear on the detector’s display, show that it has entered the mode of gamma dose indication.

Please, remember, that you should carry the switched on detector with you at all times to receive accurate results. Turn off the detector to reset the readings.



In order to proceed to the clock mode shortly press the MODE button twice after the detector is turned on (or once if the detector operates in the mode of gamma dose indication). Two pairs of digits will be displayed. The dots separating them will be blinking with one second interval.

EcotestVIP dosimeterTo set the clock:
1. Press and hold the THRESHOLD button until the minutes start blinking.
2. To set the value of minutes, press and hold THRESHOLD again until the necessary value appears. Each short press of the THRESHOLD button will also change the value per unit.
3. Press MODE to set the hours (digits will start blinking at that) and repeat the procedure described above.
4. To fix the settings, press MODE once again.
5. Press the MODE button twice to return to the mode of gamma radiation measurement.


Alarm clock

To view the time of the alarm clock ringing, press the MODE button three times after the detector is turned on (or once if the detector operates in the clock mode). Two pairs of digits will be displayed. The dots separating them will be stable. Set the alarm clock the same way as you would the clock.

radiation measurementAfter you set the alarm clock time, you can turn the alarm on or off. Press the THRESHOLD button. The “)))” symbol is displayed when the alarm is on. Press the THRESHOLD button to disable it. Confirm the settings using the MODE button. The alarm can be enabled the same way. The alarm will sound even if the detector is off.

Note. You may interrupt the alarm after its activation by pressing any button. Otherwise, it will be automatically disabled in one minute time.