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EcotestVIP personal dosimeter is designed to monitor radiation situation and alert when hazardous levels of radiation are detected, as well as to control personal accumulated dose of radiation.


No special skills are required to use personal radioactivity detector. The operation principle is very simple: the detector should be switched on and placed where you need. And that is all! EcotestVIP automatically starts monitoring radiation levels. And you should not bother about the “figures”, since in case of danger the device will alert you with a sound signal.

If radiation background is safe, EcotestVIP proceeds to the energy saving mode in 5 minutes after it was switched on. But as soon as radiation situation changes, the dosimeter generates an alarm signal.

YOU are a modern business person who:

  • cares about personal safety
  • takes care about close people in your life
  • enjoys activity holidays (tourism, hunting, skiing, fishing)
  • travels a lot
  • holds a real estate or is busy with construction works
  • collects antiques

If at least one of the abovementioned statements complies with your life style – EcotestVIP is your best choice.

Ecotest VIP features

  • measurement of gamma radiation;
  • threshold levels programming of gamma dose rate audio alarm;
  • switching audio signaling of detected gamma quanta on and off;
  • accumulated gamma dose indication;
  • clock and clock time setting;
  • alarm clock time display, setting the alarm clock, switching it on and off;
  • manufacturer warranty – warranty (18 months) and post-warranty servicing.

Specifications of Ecotest Vip device

  • Indication range of gamma radiation equivalent dose rate (EDR) – 0.1 … 999.9 µSv/h
  • Indication range of gamma radiation equivalent dose (ED) – 0.001 … 999.9 µSv
  • Energy range of registered gamma radiation – 0.05 … 3.0 MeV
  • Battery life (AAAA size?2 of 620 mA•h capacity) – no less than 2500 h
  • Continuous battery discharge control
  • Audio signaling of exceeding gamma radiation dose rate threshold level
  • Working temperature range – 10°С … + 50°С
  • Dimensions of the detector – 33х15х137 mm
  • Weight of the detector – 0.06 kg